KPK Govt Youth Unemployment Monthly Fund/Stipend Scheme Online

Project Management Unit Higher Education Department Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa PMUHED has been launched by the KPK govt for the eligible candidates to get the scholarships with the Monthly Fund/Stipend and it was Since the beginning of the project in April 2011.

Project Management Unit PMU launched an awareness and advocacy campaign on Reform Agenda and held Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and meetings with the college teachers, principals and other stakeholders. Higher Education Department Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa established.

Project Management Unit (PMU) for introducing much desired reforms for the improvement of various areas of higher education in the Province to providing the career opportunities its guides and awareness too.

KPK Govt Youth Unemployment Monthly Fund/Stipend Scheme 2023 Online Forms Download For Candidates Registration

KPK Govt Youth Unemployment Monthly Fund/Stipend Scheme online Forms Download For Candidates Registration

Its purpose was to recommend measures for the restructuring and reorganization of government colleges in the Province. The specific objective of the Unit is to implement 4-Year Degree, Bachelor of Studies (BS) program, in Government Colleges replacing the older 2-year degree.

An amount of Rs.500 Million has been earmarked for monthly stipend to the unemployed youth to be given to fresh unemployed master/ Alamia degree holders who obtain their degree in 1st division during the period from July 01, to June 30.

An amount of Rs. 2000/- per month will be given to the eligible unemployed fresh master/ Alamia degree holders, through their Bank accounts in collaboration with the concerned Public Sector degree awarding Institutions/ Registered Deni Madaris in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for one year.

Remuneration for sensational work and the Final Examination would be paid on the production of following record

  1. Full session Daily attendance record of students on prescribed proforma
  2. Results of assignments given on prescribed form
  3. A short report on seminar or other such activities
  4. Results of quizzes given
  5. Copy of Time Table
  6. Copy of Semester Calendar
  7. Results of Midterm examination
  8. Outline of course covered and remaining course
  9. Results Statement of Final Examination

Remuneration would be admissible to regular teachers for taking additional classes at BS program over and above 12 credit hours or 18 regular classes per week. However honorarium would be admissible during the vacations irrespective of regular work load.

Payment to the teachers will be made on monthly basis after the teacher concerned submits his full record of number of classes attended during the month duly verified by the BS-Coordinator of the college and countersigned by the Principal. This would be kept in record and would be produced to the Audit Parties at the time of Audit.

A Copy of the same would be submitted to the Directorate of Higher Education and Chief Planning Officer, Higher Education Department for record

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