NTS Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of Staff Allocation 2024 for English & Urdu

The National Testing Service has issued the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of Staff Allocation and all of our visitors can download the complete SOP in both English and Urdu language online through this page. Just click on the option of “Click Here” given in front of both languages and the complete SOP of Staff Allocation in that specific language will be downloaded immediately.

According to Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), the test administration staff availability confirmation SMS will be sent to all registered test administration staff 7 days prior to test. The test administration staff that will reply “YES” will be considered for test duty while the individuals not replying or replying “NO, will not be considered available for test duty. Remember that the reply must be sent within 24 hours of receiving the confirmation SMS otherwise it will be considered as a No. The available staff will be informed about the date, time, venue and name/mobile No. of allocated chief supervisor via SMS 3 days prior to test.

NTS Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of Staff Allocation 2024 for English & Urdu

NTS SOP of Staff Allocation 2024 English and Urdu

To download SOP (English): Click Here

To download SOP (Urdu): Click Here

Performance Evaluation:

  • There is a computerized test administration staff allocation system with a seniority list.
  • Deputing a Chief Supervisor is totally jurisdiction of Asst.
  • Manager Test Administration from the registered test administration staff.
  • All Supervisors and Invigilators are allocated by the software as per seniority list.
  • Test Administration staff is promoted and demoted on the basis of performance evaluation report submitted by Chief Supervisor, Resident Inspector and Client agency representative.

Promotion/Demotion System:

Promotion & Demotion is made in seniority list as under:

  • Absent on Test date without Information = No duty allocation in future
  • Absent on Test date with Information = -1
  • Present on the Test date = +1

Promotion /Demotion according to the performance report:

  • Good Performance = +5 (5 step up in seniority list)
  • Average Performance = 0 (No change in seniority list)
  • Poor Performance = -5 (5 step down in seniority list)
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