PM Punjab Apni Gari Scheme 2024 Online Application Form

Prime Minister of Pakistan Apni Gari Scheme Eligibility Criteria Apply Online

The PM Punjab Apni Gari Scheme 2024 has recently announced also known as Apna Rozgar, specifically designed for the youth. In order to be eligible for this scheme, individuals must familiarize themselves with the necessary details regarding the eligibility criteria, application form, registration procedure, and more. We are here to provide you with all the information required to make the process easier. The distribution of cars/vehicles under the PM Punjab Apni Gari Scheme 2024 will commence in April 2024.

A program has been initiated with the aim of offering a respectable means of living to educated individuals who are currently unemployed. A total of 20,000 taxis will be allocated to eligible applicants, with 60% being Mehran cars and 40% being Bolan cars, as per the criteria set by the provincial cabinet. The distribution of quotas for each tehsil will be determined based on population. Notably, there will be an additional 40% quota allocated specifically for the Southern Punjab region.

The Goal for PM Punjab Apni Gari Scheme 2024

The Bank of Punjab shall provide financing to educated unemployed youth of Punjab who meets eligibility criteria & other terms of the scheme. The vehicles selected for the scheme are Bolan and Mehran. PM Imran Khan is hoping to meet a number of objectives with the most recent vehicle scheme. We’ve listed some of them along with the information below to see the potential impact of these schemes. This is about the purpose of the scheme:

  1. Car for everyone
  2. Encourage electric vehicles
  3. Breaking the chain of BIG-3
  4. The price of cars for small vehicles.

A Federal Finance Minister from Pakistan Shaukat Tareen revealed the Meri Gari scheme 2024. The scheme was revealed as part of the Finance Bill for the year 2024. The government has launched this scheme specifically for employees of the government. Due to the low salary packages, There are many employees of government who couldn’t have enough money to buy a vehicle, but the Federal Government announces Meri Gari Scheme 2024.

Government employees with little or no salary can afford to purchase their own vehicles with simple installments under the Meri Gari Scheme 2024. The Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced but has not launched the scheme. It may be possible to buy an exclusive Car.

PM Punjab Apni Gari Scheme 2024 Last Date

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced but has not launched the scheme. So there is no last date for registration for the scheme because the last date is not announced yet. Whenever it will be announced we will update you soon.

  • Last Date to Apply:  Announced Soon

PM Punjab Apni Gari Scheme 2024 Online Application Form

PM Punjab Apni Gari Scheme 2024


Pm punjab apni gari scheme 2024 online registration

Eligibility Criteria to Apply

  • Applicant must have domicile of Punjab and must be unemployed.
  • Age between 21 to 35 years as of 31st October 2024.
  • Qualification of at least Matric (or equivalent)
  • Have a valid driving license (Issued on or before 31st October 2024)
  • Have valid CNIC
  • Maximum worth of assets of the applicant (Self), Spouse, Parents & Children should not exceed Rs.2 Million thresholds.
  • Must not be a defaulter and not have a criminal record.
  • 15 days driving training.

Documents Required to Online Apply

  • Application form
  • Attested copy of Valid CNIC
  • Valid computerized driving license
  • Two recent photographs
  • Educational certificates
  • Domicile
  •  Affidavit on stamp paper of Rs.50/- regarding Net worth not more than Rs. 2.0 Million, No Criminal Record & no defaulter of any financial institution

How to Apply for PM Punjab Apni Gari Scheme 2024

To avail the PM Punjab Apni Gari Scheme 2024, you can adhere to the instructions outlined on the authorized websites and application forms. This initiative is also referred to as the Punjab Rozgar Scheme and PM Meri Gari Scheme. Here are the general steps to complete the application process:

1. Visit the official website of either the Punjab Rozgar Scheme or PM Meri Gari Scheme.
2. If available, download the application form from the website.
3. Fill in the form with the necessary details, including personal information, business experience, and security documents.
4. Make sure to fulfill the eligibility criteria, which typically involve being a Pakistani citizen, residing in Punjab, and falling within a specific age bracket.
5. Submit the completed form online or through the designated application procedure.

It is crucial to thoroughly review the eligibility criteria and application instructions provided on the official websites to ensure a successful application.

Meri Gari Scheme Online Portal

You can be registered for Meri Gari Scheme at the online portal. You just have to log in to the portal. After login into the portal, you put in your details and submit it.

Specimen for Apni Gari Scheme 2024

Price (with discount) Rs.597,000 Rs.655,000
Down Payment to be paid by qualified applicants Rs.170,000 Rs. 177,000
Markup rate 100% Markup shall be paid by the Government of Punjab.
Monthly Installment (includes insurance premium) Rs.9,000 Rs. 10,000

Fee Deposited with Application Form

1. Application Form Fee (Non-refundable) Rs.2,000 Rs.2,000
2. Token money (Refundable) Rs.9,000 Rs.10,000
 Total Amount Rs.11,000 Rs.12,000
What kind of other charges May I have to Pay?
Late payment charges Early termination charges Repo charges
RS 1 per thousand per day of monthly installment amount from the due date till the actual payment 5% on the outstanding principal amount To be borne by the borrower/Lessee as per the bank’s schedule of charges. Rs.10,000/- as fixed penalty and up to Rs.100,000/- as repossession charges or actual (whichever is lower) and Rs.200/- per day warehouse charges.

Benefits for PM Punjab Apni Gari Scheme 2024

Finance minister announced the fact that “the Pakistani citizens could benefit from this scheme for cabs in 2024. He also stated that the government has provided taxes exemptions to electrical vehicles. The federal government has created this scheme to allow people to profit from the reality that recently, vehicle costs have been exorbitantly high, leading to a sharp reduction in sales. Because of the high costs people are unable to afford the cost of expensive cars. This is the reason why the government has created the car scheme, which means that the interest rate is lower.

The majority of those with lower incomes are more benefited from this program. People who want to own a vehicle can build their own cabs using this scheme. With this program provided by the Pakistani government. The interest rates for the Meri, Gadi scheme have been decreased from 5 to 6 percent. Make sure that everyone gets this scheme and receives the most advantageous deal for their company and family. This lets doctors, teachers as well as government and private employees purchase a vehicle between 800cc and 1000cc with the lowest cost of interest, which is 5 percent.

Bank of Punjab loan Scheme 2024

The program is designed to be inclusive and does not discriminate based on gender. It is open to both men and women. The cost of the vehicles will remain the same throughout the program, with Mehran priced at Rs. 427,000 and Bolan priced at Rs. 529,000. Each cab will receive a discount of PKR 48,000. The monthly installment for the program is set at PKR 8000. The leasing of the cabs is done through BOP, and applicants are selected through a computerized balloting system. The verification of credentials is conducted by the District Verification Committee (DVC), which is led by the DCO.

Additionally, there are Grievance Redressed Committees at the divisional level to address any concerns or complaints. Driving training is provided by NLC, Motorway Police, Daewoo, and Punjab Police. So far, a total of 19,000 applicants have received training.

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