HEC DLSEI Coursera Training Registration Phase-3 Eligibility Fee Structure

We have good news regarding HEC DLSEI Coursera Training Registration is about to open for those looking to acquire essential skills in high demand for a brighter future. According to the official announcement, it is reported that the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has begun the third stage of the partnership with Coursera via the Digital Learning and Skill Enrichment initiative (DLSEI). In line with HEC DLSEI Coursera Training Registration and its ongoing efforts to provide Pakistani young people with the in-demand abilities required for the jobs of tomorrow, HEC has embarked upon the third phase of its partnership with Coursera through the Digital Learning and Skills Enrichment Initiative (DLSEI).

Digital Learning and Skills Enrichment Initiative (DLSEI)

DLSEI was introduced in 2018 in collaboration with Coursera, and the two previous stages of this program saw the completion of 0.25 million online training for 12,000 students. For the final phase of the DLSEI program in 2024, HEC offers opportunities to develop skills for Pakistan’s young people through providing access for free to 5,300 online classes and 3,400 Guided Projects available on Coursera over 11 areas with the hope of rapidly deploying the highest-quality digital and human skill training across the nation.

A few of the most popular industry courses cover the fields of Project Management, Data Analytics, Programming, Social Media Marketing, and soft abilities like negotiation and communication, public speaking, and presentation.

Objectives of HEC DLSEI Coursera Training Registration

In his remarks regarding the partnership between HEC and Coursera, the HEC Chairman, HEC Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad, said that the collaboration aims to ensure the maximum benefit from the chance to provide Pakistani youngsters with online certificates and classes to improve their abilities. He vowed that HEC and Coursera would strengthen the partnership by following a building-blocks-mechanism to gradually build upon their achievements. “Let’s join forces to achieve an end-to-end goal that benefits humanity by equipping young people with the right knowledge,” he emphasized.

The chairman stated that HEC believes in using diplomacy as education to resolve borderless problems for the world. He encouraged local universities to take advantage of Coursera’s courses and reward the students who choose the courses with specific credits. The Director for International Governments at Coursera, Matt Klein, said, “The youngsters of today are entering the new world of work which requires new skills changed by automation and the spread of the. Coursera is delighted to be partnering with HEC to provide the new generation of talent coming through Pakistan with the knowledge and qualifications required to reach their full potential for earning in the modern economic system.”

He stated that it’s satisfying to observe how HEC, Pakistan, is responding to the changing developments by increasing access to education relevant to jobs and training to ensure more positive outcomes for Pakistan’s young people. Also said that HEC’s vision and leadership could make a difference in the lives of tens and thousands of students navigating the digital world. It is Coursera’s honor to be the educational partner of choice in making this vision a reality.

HEC DLSEI Coursera Training Registration Phase-3 Eligibility Fee Structure

HEC DLSEI Coursera Training Registration

What is Coursera?

Coursera is an online learning platform aiming to offer everyone world-class educational experiences. More than 110 million learners registered at the end of September 2024. Coursera has a partnership with over the 275 most prestigious universities and industrial partners like Yale University, Stanford University, Google, IBM, and Microsoft to provide a wide selection of educational content and certificates such as guided projects as well as courses, specializations certificates, bachelor’s degrees or master’s degree. Nearly 7,000 organizations have benefited from Coursera to enhance and reskill their employees, citizens, and students in highly-demanding fields like technology, data science, and business.

Eligibility Criteria for HEC DLSEI Coursera Training Registration

  1. LCWU students currently enrolled in 16-year educational programs or over are qualified.
  2. LCWU Faculty are qualified.
  3. The applicant should have an active CNIC B form or CNIC number.
  4. Alumni who graduated within the previous 02 years from the start of the Coursera Program. Alumni can get in touch with HEC directly to request registration.
  5. Signed Declaimer Form
  6. Challan Form receipt for the focal person.

Students are also required to provide an ID card for students. There are a limited number of seating spaces available. It is restricted and will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.

Eligibility for Refund

All of the conditions listed below must be met to get a refund.

  • Participated in at minimum one course within 14 days of receipt of confirmation Coursera license.
  • Complete at least one class within three months after receiving the Coursera certificate.
  • Complete three courses successfully (at least 75% minimum score for every system).
  • The account has not been idle during the 90 days.
  • Coursera License is available free of cost for eligible physically challenged/differently-abled students at a 2% quota. (Government-issued disability certificates are required for eligibility.)

Complete courses with one license:

Learners can register for as many courses as they wish within one year of the activation of the license.

Registration and Selection Criteria

Registration will be conducted on a first-come, first-served basis within the stipulated limit of quota.

All students who meet the eligibility requirements are invited to apply via Student Services to get nominated on a first-come, first basis. The University will forward nominations to HEC to register. (Please submit your nominations as soon as slots become scarce quickly.)

Fee Structure for HEC DLSEI Coursera Training Registration

Public Sector University Students/ Faculty

  1. Students/learners, as well as faculty members, must pay Rs.4000 to their University according to the policy, and alumni will be required to pay Rs.8000. The amount will be refunded (100 percent) to the student after successful completion/ accreditation of at minimum 3 (03) classes.
  2. If the student fails to finish at least three classes and cannot complete the required three courses, then the fees are forfeited, and the money will be transferred to the HEC account. HEC account.
  3. Notification: Coursera License is available at no cost to eligible physically challenged/differently-abled learners (of Public Sector Universities only) with a rate of 2% for each University. (Government-issued disability certificates are necessary to be eligible)

Benefits of HEC DLSEI Coursera Training Registration

The enthusiastic students will have the opportunity to build their abilities and gain access to online courses and accreditations at top universities worldwide.

DLSEI HEC Courses Check Online

How To Register for HEC DLSEI Coursera Training

  1. Public Sector Universities

DLSEI offers a FEE REIMBURSEMENT MODEL to faculty members and students from PUBLIC SECTOR University on a first-come, second-served basis. When you pay 4000 rupees, faculty and students can access classes and certificates under one license from the top worldwide universities and corporations. After completing at least three courses and receiving certification for registration, the cost of four thousand PKR will be refunded to the students.

Students with disabilities: DLSEI project is offering specific licenses for students at PUBLIC SECTOR universities who have a disability due to disabilities, either mental or physical. A limited amount of free support will be given to those students on a first-come one-time basis. They will be able to take advantage of courses and certifications offered by world-class universities and also have the opportunity to join the top-ranked and expensive online courses for free.

To register: contact your university Focal person and follow the listed steps.

  • Download the disclaimer form. Download Here
  • Please fill out the form for a disclaimer.
  • Pay the registration fee (if appropriate) to Focal people together with the disclaimer form.
  • After verifying your identity, you’ll be sent an invitation via Coursera.
  • If your verification is invalid, you can contact the person who approved it or the DLSEI helpdesk. You will be directed to the Coursera portal when you click on the invitation link. You can register accounts on Coursera (if you haven’t already registered).
  • After creating your account through Coursera, you’ll be able to log into the HEC Coursera Portal, where you can begin enrolling in more than 1000 courses.
  • Start Learning!
  • Please note: If you face any issues or difficulties during registration, please contact the university focal person or [email protected].

2. Private Sector Universities

DLSEI will offer a limited amount of licenses to students of private universities. Students at private universities will be eligible to take advantage of these licenses for 8000 PKR per license. Students will be able to gain access to a myriad of classes and certificates from top-rated global universities and corporations. Each University will have its own rules regarding the distribution of licenses.

For registration: Contact your university Focal person and follow the listed steps.

  • Please download the disclaimer forms. Download Online
  • Please fill out the form for a disclaimer.
  • The registration amount must be paid (if appropriate) to Focal individuals with the disclaimer form.
  • After verification, you’ll be sent an invitation via Coursera. Please contact the focal person or the DLSEI helpdesk if your warranty is not accepted.
  • After clicking the invitation link, you’ll be taken to the Coursera portal. You can sign up for your account with Coursera (if you haven’t already registered).
  • After creating your account through Coursera, you’ll be able to access the HEC Coursera Portal, where you can begin enrolling in more than 1000 courses.
  • Start Learning!


DLSEI Project is offering a certain amount of licenses to alumni who graduated within the last five years from the date of the launch of the DLSEI Project. Alumni must pay the entire price of 8000 PKR to purchase the license. With a single request, alumni can gain access to online courses and certificates from world-class universities and corporations. There isn’t a fee reimbursement model available for Aluminis. In case of any query, please contact [email protected].


What is HEC Dlsei?

The Digital Learning & Skills Enrichment Initiative (DLSEI) was launched by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) along with Coursera International and is intended to enhance the development of skills and learning online for passionate students and faculty members from Higher Education Institutions.

What is HEC Coursera?

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has entered into a deal with the world’s largest Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) service provider, Coursera International, and purchased 50,000 licenses for two years at a reduced cost.

Is Coursera as good as a degree?

The Coursera certificates are precious. Coursera certificates are well-known and equivalent to an official college diploma or certificate. They can be added to your resume the same way you would with any college degree.

Does Coursera pay well?

The median Coursera pay ranges from $65,000 for a Service technician to $293,862 a calendar year for an Operations Manager.

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