E Learning Systems Launched In Punjab Government Schools

Punjab government has introduced e-learning system in schools. In the first stage eight public schools have been given tablets. So all the students read science easily through video stories on these tablets. Math, biology, chemistry and physics subjects are also available on tablets for classes Six till Ten.

The lectures are available in both Urdu and English languages but best advantage for students is that e-learning libraries also be accessed through the tablets.

Mostly Teachers claim that this method will become more attractive for children. For example “You know, Childrens learn through imagination. For example when you teach them about an atom they have to picture a nucleus and electron at front and easy thing is videos explain the concept to the children more clearly.”

“The videos are interesting and better choice for learning clear concepts.” various students share their feelings.E Learning Systems Launched In Punjab Government Schools

Pakistan lags far behind when we talk about children’s education then mostly survey results tells that more then 25 million children in Pakistan are out of school.

In order to raise the level of education in the province and as part of the efforts of the Punjab government to digitize schools and the education system, within the framework of the E-Learn program, it has decided to update the learning process by adopting the model Which is practiced in practice. Other developed countries.

In the first phase of E-Learn that is scheduled to be completed in the current financial year, 20,000 schools will receive newer tablets with digitized content within them.

The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) acting as a technology partner in the E-Learn program has turned the grade 6 to grade 10 curriculum into digital format.

A PITB official in highlighting the project’s profitability E-Learn told More Magazine, “This is a highly innovative initiative by the Punjab government in which the fewest resources were used to save the cost of millions.”

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