UET Lahore Entry Test Preparation Online MCQs Syllabus

UET Lahore Entry Test Preparation and all important information as dates, application submission, test patterns, test Centers List and Results are described as below. UET Lahore Entry Test Preparation Online MCQs Syllabus and past paper check online. A 15-minute orientation session to familiarize candidates with the computer-based tests will take place in the designated University’s Centers at the scheduled time. So get prepared by using this preparation material given below.

What is ECAT?

Engineering College Admission Test (ECAT) is an entrance test taken by students who wish to gain admission to Engineering disciplines such as B.A., BSc, BS, B.E., etc. If students succeed in their secondary studies, they begin to prepare for the admission tests to college or university in the area of their particular interest. Without proper preparation, the students are almost unachievable to pass ECAT. To help with this, it is essential to go through ECAT Past Papers 2017.

The test for entry into engineering, also known as ECAT, is conducted to determine students’ eligibility to U.E.T. Lahore and its affiliated institutes. A computer-based test will be taken by U.E.T., in which all applicants must participate. The test is a 100 MCQ test that has each question worth four marks. Also, negative markings are contained in the test. Three subjects are included. The entrance test is a requirement when applying for admission to U.E.T. Lahore or its affiliated colleges. Other public sector institutions like Punjab University, U.E.T. Taxila, B.Z.U. Multan, Islamia University Bahawalpur, and other private institutions also require A Combined Entry Test conducted by U.E.T. Lahore to grant admission.

UET Lahore Entry Test Preparation

The deadline for online applications for the UET entry test will soon be posted on our website. UET has instructed applicants planning to take the test for joint entry of BSc Engineering and BTech to apply for a digital national identity card, also known as form B, from Nadra to ensure that there is no problem in the process of registration for the UET entrance test. THE UET ECAT entrance test 2023 is scheduled to be held shortly, and the results will be announced within seven days of the testing.

Test Centers for UET Entry Test 2023

The test will be held simultaneously at the following Test Centres: The next ones to be mentioned are the test centers for the U.E.T. entrance exam AKA ECAT.

  • Taxila
  • Multan
  • Lahore
  • Bahawalpur
  • Faisalabad
  • Gujrat
  • Rawalpindi
  • Karachi
  • Peshawar
  • Quetta
  • University of Engineering and Technology, Main Campus, G. T. Road, Lahore Ph #042-99029452.
  • University of Engineering and Technology, Kala Shah Kaku Campus Ph #042-99029452.
  • University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila Ph #051-9047412.
  • International Islamic University, Sector H-10, Islamabad Ph #051-9019465.
  • College of Engineering& Technology, Baha-ud-din Zakariya University, Multan Ph #061-9210051.
  • NFC Institute of Engineering & Technology, Khanewal Road, Multan Ph # 061-9220012 ext 4444.
  • College of Engineering, Islamia University, Bahawalpur  Ph #062-9255474.
  • Khawaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology, Rahim Yar Khan Ph #068-5882433.
  • NFC Institute of Engineering and Fertilizer Research, Faisalabad Ph #041-9220355-7 ext 142.
  • University of Gujrat, Gujrat Ph #053-3643331.
  • Government College of Technology, Rasul Ph #0546-553216.
  • Dr. A. Q. Khan Institute of Technology, Mianwali Ph.#0459-371001, 0459-371111.
  •  Quaid-e-Azam College of Engineering and Technology, 6 KM Pakpattan Road, Sahiwal Ph.#040-4501385.

University of Engineering and Technology UET

The oldest Engineering University in Pakistan, the University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore is still going very strong and is regularly producing top professionals of the country in various fields through its outstanding teaching methods and educational quality. The University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Pakistan is not only an extremely well-reputed institute in Pakistan but also worldwide which is why, a large number of international students from various countries like Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and Iran, etc are also enrolled in UET under different degree programs.

UET Lahore Entry Test Preparation Online MCQs Syllabus

UET Lahore Entry Test Preparation Online MCQs Syllabus

Eligibility Criteria for ECAT 2023

  • He/She must have scored at minimum 60 percent marks in the F.SCor I.C.S./DAEor B.Sc./ B .Tech(Pass) Exam, excluding sports and Hafiz-e Quran marks.
  • Candidates must have at minimum 60% of the marks adjusted for admission (e.g., after adding Hafz-equran or marks based on sports) determined following paragraph 2 in the criteria for determining merit.
  • The candidate must reside in the region in which the applicant seeks admission.
  • Candidates must meet the standards of body and eyesight set out in the medical certification.
  • Candidates who have completed FSC/ICS/ICOM are eligible for admission.
  • Candidates who plan to participate in this year’s Intermediate Annual exams are also qualified.

ECAT Test Fee

To take the examination, here are several crucial things you need to remember. The first step is to obtain an entrance test token from the designated centers. This token can be obtained for a fee of Rs.1300, which is the Ecat test cost. Enter this token number into the portal of ECAT, which allows you to fill out the test form and choose the entry test 2021 centers. After that, you’ll be allowed to take a print of your admission card, which must be used to pass the test.

How to Apply for UET ECAT?

Entry Test Application:
The entry test application shall be filled out online through the link: http://admission.uet.edu.pk. Candidates should ensure that their information is accurate and then take the printout of their online-submitted application to be submitted at the test center to receive the admittance certificate. The completed application and other attachments should be delivered to the centers mentioned above where the applicant would like to sit for the test.

Attachment with the Application

  • Two passport-sized photographs, one to be glued on the application form
  • Photocopy of the domicile certificate
  • Copy from CNIC or computerized form issued by NADRA
  • The fee for tuition is Rs. 5000 per semester
  • Selection Criteria/Merit Determination

Prohibited Items for Entry Test

Students are not allowed to carry calculators, mobile phones, any other type of calculator, purses, staplers, handbags, or any other aid material at the testing center.

Compulsory Items for Test

Students are required to bring these items at the time of taking the test.
Photo I.D.s like the national identity card, certificate of Matriculation or Inter Part 1, passport, or domicile and domicile B.
Admit card
Clean clipboard
Pen with black ball

Merit Calculation Formula

After completing the entrance and entry tests, you can determine your merit-based calculation that will be used to determine the admissions. Your final score is calculated using your Matric and F.S.C., and ECAT scores. Therefore, the final calculation must be done using the formula provided below to be eligible for admission.

Merit List

After passing the test, you can apply to The University of Engineering & Technology Admission 2021 by buying the prospectus. You will receive the admission application on the internet. In the preferences list, you must fill in and select the subjects you would like to apply to. Following the results of the entrance test, a merits list is drawn up, and if you can show an excellent score in the subject you applied for, you’ll be able to gain admission to the subject.

Syllabus for UET Admission Exam

University of Engineering and Technology Lahore has issued the official UET Lahore ECAT entry test, 2023 test candidates. According to the UET Lahore declaration, the UET Lahore ECAT entrance test in 2023 will consist of the following sections. 30 questions are asked during this section with the F.Sc/A-Level/D.A.E. UET Lahore has mentioned that specific questions will be related to Integration, Differentiation, Linear Algebra, and Trigonometry. However, your overall ability and understanding of Mathematical problem-solving will be assessed.

So if you are looking for a university to seek admission for further studies, especially in the field of Engineering, the University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore must be one of your top priorities. In order to seek admission to any engineering program at UET, every applicant will have to pass a UET written entry test apart from fulfilling other eligibility requirements. UET Lahore Entry Test Syllabus 2023 is given below. The candidates prepare their test according to the UET Lahore Entry Test Syllabus. The university rules are quite clear about the entry test and that’s why all arrangements for the test are supervised strictly in order to make sure that the test is conducted in a fair and transparent manner.

  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Chemistry
  • Intermediate textbooks on Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  • English Comprehension.

UET Entry Test Structure/Format

The test will comprise a hundred multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Your choices will follow each MCQ. Candidates are required to select one of the best answers to each question. Each question is worth four marks. The total marks are 400.

Matriculation 25%
Intermediate 45%
ECAT 2021 30%

UET ECAT Entry Test

Every student must take the Engineering College admission test ECAT in UET Lahore. At present, UET has established its campuses across different regions of Punjab. This means that you can now take the entrance test at the location of your residence. Be aware that this year, due to COVID-19’s lockdown, the test may be conducted on the internet. However, the authorities have not yet set the changes this year. This means that you need to keep reading this article and then scroll down the passage for more information and official notifications.

No relaxation is given to any candidate related to the entry test and every applicant has to pass it in order to become eligible for admission. So to make things quite easy for our visitors, Gotest.pk has introduced a free online testing service. Through this service, all candidates can attempt free online tests in order to evaluate as well as improve their preparations for the actual University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore written entry exam.

Validity of Test

UET entry test results are valid for a year.

ECAT 2023 Pattern

Because it’s an Engineering entrance test, you must be prepared for the subjects in engineering. The 100 MCQ exam includes the following paper template.

  • True answer Answer: 4 marks
  • Correct answer: 1.
  • There are no answers, Zero marks.
Physics 30
Mathematics 30
Chemistry 30
English 10
Total 100

That’s the format that the tests follow. It means that a correct answer will give you four marks. However, there is important information. If you aren’t sure of the answer, instead of choosing an answer, you may leave it, as should you select one of the incorrect answers, one mark will be taken off. Thus, try this test with complete mental preparedness.

General Details for Applicants

  • Candidates must be at their respective test centers before the beginning of the test day.
  • These documents are needed to be submitted for the test. The original stamp “Candidate’s Copy” of the application form
  • Original CNIC/B-Form
  • The admit U.E.T. issues card.
  • You can contact the university if you have any questions or complaints about the online registration process.
    Calculators and mobile phones are not allowed.

Marking Criteria

Each question is worth 4 marks. The total marks are 400.
There will be negative markings during the test. Four marks will be given for every correct answer, 4 marks will be given, while one (01) point will be taken from the score for every wrong answer.
There is no negative marking given for not answering the question.
1-English Portion
An entire paragraph will be presented in this section, along with 10 MCQs that are related to the paragraph. Students must make the correct choices.

2-Mathematics Portion
Thirty questions are put in this section related to the curriculum of F.Sc/A-Level/D.A.E. U.E.T. Lahore has mentioned that some of the questions will be related to Integration, Differentiation Linear Algebra, and Trigonometry. However, your overall ability and knowledge of mathematical problem-solving will be assessed.

3-Physics Portion
The 30 test questions are covered in this part as well. You should be able to comprehend every topic. However, questions related to Electricity & Magnetism, Mechanics, Work, and Energy will likely be asked in the U.E.T. Lahore ECAT entry test. The test will consist of questions at the F.Sc/A-Level or D.A.E. level.

4- Optional Subject Portion
Thirty questions will be related to your optional subject, i.e., Chemistry/Statistics/Computer Science.

UET ECAT Past Papers 2017

The entrance test papers are Objective Types (MCQs). UET ECAT Papers from the past Papers 2017 are available for download via our website ilmkidunya.com which is provided to students for convenience so they can practice for the entrance exam in the comfort of their homes. We have an abundance of past ECAT papers that students can use to evaluate the strategies and procedures of the ECAT for the upcoming test. Through solving these past papers, students will understand what they can expect to see, which can ease their anxiety during the entrance examination. Since there are always a limited number of places available for Engineering aspects in Pakistan, students are required to put in a lot of effort to gain a place in Engineering aspects.

They do this by taking on ever more ECAT past papers.
On our site, you can find the past papers from ECAT from 2005 until 2017. The past papers comprise subjects included in the entrance test, i.e., English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Science. UET entry test past papers is going to dispatch also here on this page for your preparation in this regard accordingly.

Important Points About UET Lahore ECAT Entry Test 2023 Question Papers

1 Question paper for the U.E.T. Lahore ECAT entry Test will comprise five subjects, three mandatory subjects (English Maths, Physics, and Mathematics), and two additional subjects (Chemistry and Computer Science). Students who choose Statistics as an optional subject will be given a separate question exam for their chosen subject.

The two-four version of the questions will be dispersed to the students at the test centers. There is no variation in the type of questions, but the sequence of subjects, answers, and questions will differ for each version. It means that in one version, Physics could serve as the subject first (i.e., questions 1-30) and English the second (i.e., question numbers 31-40). In another variant, English could become the first subject (i.e., questions 1-10) in addition to Physics’ second subject(i.e., question numbers 11-40).

Answer sheets with different answers are included for every version. Make sure before trying the test. You’ve received the correct answer sheet for your particular version. Similar to the right answer for the same question, different versions could be different. For example, in one version, the right answer could be A for a specific question, while for the identical question, the correct answer could have been D for a different version. U.E.T. Lahore will use these techniques to prevent copying and assure transparency during the test procedure.

The 3-Answer sheet comes with a carbon copy. A carbon copy can be taken with you following the test for your record. If your carbon copy is separated from the answer sheet, do not attach it to the original answer sheet using the help of a stapler.

About UET Lahore Entry Test Preparation

UET Lahore Entry Test Preparation is of the greatest importance over other admission tests for engineering universities. This examination is accepted at virtually all engineering public sector universities and colleges, which is why it is also referred to by the name ECAT (Engineering College Admission Test). U.E.T. entry test is held every year for students who are in the pre-engineering phase. The test is administered by the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore. There are approximately 3000 seats at Engineering colleges in Punjab, Pakistan. Every year, around 45000 students take this exam.

The entry test is a prerequisite for the application process at U.E.T. Lahore or its affiliated colleges. Other institutions of the public sector like U.E.T. Taxila, B.Z.U. Multan, Islamia University Bahawalpur, and certain private institutions require the Combined Entry Test conducted by U.E.T. Lahore as a prerequisite.

Marking Pattern in UET Lahore ECAT Entry Test 2023

Each correct answer is worth 4 points, and one mark will be taken off for every incorrect answer, whereas the moment you complete a question, no marks will be deducted. If a candidate has fifty correct answers along with 30 incorrect answers and 20 questions that he leaves blank, then his marks will be
50 (-1) + 40 (-1)+ 20x (0)equals 200-30+ 0 = 170 marks of the total marks of 400.

UET Contact Details

Address: University of Engineering and Technology, G.T. Rd, Lahore 54890

Phone NO: 042-99029216, 042-99029452

E Mail: [email protected]

Website: www.uet.edu.pk

English Test
Computer Test
Math Test
Chemistry Test
Physics Test
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