Danish Schools 2023 Scholarships Deadline

Needy students in grades 6 through intermediate can get full tuition scholarships from Danish Schools. Only those who demonstrate exceptional ability will be admitted. There are 99 free spots at each institution, but only 11 pupils who can afford to pay the full price. Danish Schools 2023 Scholarships Deadline is here.

Those who are admitted on the basis of financial need will receive a full scholarship that will pay for tuition, room and board, and any other related costs. The deadline to submit an admissions application 2023.

Those who choose to apply on a self-financing basis will be required to make a monthly payment of PKR: 16,500/-. The monthly gross income of the applicant’s family cannot be more than fifteen thousand rupees (originally Rs.15000), or such other amount as may be determined by the Authority, in order to qualify for the need-based program.

Danish Schools 2023 Scholarships Deadline

Danish Schools 2023 provides fully-funded scholarships for 6th through intermediate students. However, merit-based admissions.Danish Schools 2023 Scholarships Deadline As 99 places in each school are for poor pupils, but only 10% (11 students) pay fees and other costs.

For, those approved based on need will get a fully funded scholarship that covers fees, housing, and other expenses. So, admission applications are due by 2023.

Danish Schools Scholarship Sub Categories

The student might be placed in one of two secondary groups, according to priority. If he has lost both of his parents and does not have an older sibling or other relative who can care for him. If he lost both of his parents at a young age, and now he lives with his mother. Neither parent can read or write, neither parent owns any real estate, and neither parent has any sort of physical impairment.

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He did not finish high school, both of his parents are illiterate, and neither of his parents owns any real estate.

Both of his parents can’t read or write, and they don’t have a steady source of income or an established place of residence.

He does not live in a city, tehsil, or district capital; one of his parents has a low-paying job in a nearby hamlet; neither of his parents has ever completed high school; neither of his parents has ever owned real estate; and

His family has settled in a katcha home in a city, tehsil, or district capital.
An applicant’s parent’s employment at the Danish School is not a prerequisite for admission.

After the provincial governments saw how well the venture was doing, they requested provincial quotas of two seats for boys and two seats for girls at each of the 14 campuses; FATA (particularly South and North Waziristan) and Baluchistan were each granted one additional seat at the campuses in Attock and Rajanpur.

Scholarships for Danish Schools 2023 Deadline

Here, are Danish Admissions and Scholarships Levels:

For, all Matric/Inter Fields Local Merit-and-need-based All Pakistan Deadline 2023.

So, self-financing applicants must pay 16,500/month. For, applicants based on need must have a combine gross family income of no more than Rs.15, 000 per month. Or any other amount set by the Authority.

Danish Schools 2023 Scholarships

In order of precedence, the student is either:

First of all, he’s an orphan with no guardian, older brother, or extended family member.

Secondly, orphaned, and he lives with his mother

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Thirdly, uneducated parents, don’t possess real estate and have no any disability.

Also, uneducated parents and don’t possess any real estate.

As well as, uneducated parents own no real estate, and have no steady income.

Moreover, he does not live in a town, tehsil, or district headquarters, and his semi-skilled parents or unskilled menial rural workers and illiterate.

Meanwhile, his household lives in a katcha home in a town, tehsil, or district headquarters.

A Danish School employee’s child is also admit able.

Danish Schools Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

If the student:


Class V PEC or other

Boys 10-12

Girls 10-13

Below the maximum income bracket

Must qualify to pass the test.

Verified antecedents

Clear medicals

Be among the top 87-100 students.

How to apply for Danish Schools Scholarship and Admission

However, Danish Schools and their website provide admission forms. So, download or get school forms. And submit the admissions form with the following certified documents.

First of all, passport-sized photos Punjab Education Commission Exam or 5th grade final ID card photocopy B Form Birth Certificate Students.

Secondly, call letters for the written test are available after shortlisting students based on the admissions form.

Here are some test-taking guidelines:

First of all, Academic Wing will administer tests at Head Office.

Secondly, tests include English, Urdu, Math, Science, and IQ

Thirdly, one paper will be made, separated by sections for different subjects

Also, English Section carries 35 marks, Gen science 15 marks, Mathematics 20 marks, Urdu 10 marks, and IQ 20 marks.





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