The China Scholarship Council (CSC) scholarship program at Dalian University in China for 2023 is a fantastic opportunity for international students to earn a master’s or doctoral degree in China. Students participating in the Chinese Government Scholarship High-Level Postgraduate Program 2023 will have the unique chance to collaborate with people from a wide variety of backgrounds, including those with contrasting cultural, religious, ethnic, racial, social, and economic perspectives. Dalian University CSC Scholarship in China 2023 Last Date.

The world’s best professors serve as guides as the bright minds acquire knowledge in a variety of fields and participate in related academic pursuits. At a time when widespread pandemics and different sociopolitical and economic problems threaten to derail global progress, China has devised a wonderful alternative for bringing together experts from all over the world who are willing to contribute to the progress of their respective fields. Participants in this new scholarship program given by the Chinese government can choose to study for a degree in either Chinese or English.

Dalian University CSC Scholarship in China 2023 Last Date

Dalian University CSC Scholarship in China 2023. The CSC ChinaDalian University CSC Scholarship in China 2023 Last Date scholarship program on Chinese territory allows intelligent and enthusiastic individuals to expand their academic knowledge. And career growth by acquiring new and honing previously obtained professional abilities. It also teaches brilliant minds social responsibility, religious tolerance, and respect for individual dignity during and beyond the scholarship period.

Dalian University CSC Scholarship in China 2023 

This Dalian University Scholarship in China, encourages students to provide practical and theoretical solutions to global concerns. However, the participants will guide and supported by top-rated instructors. So, students who want to learn how China became evolved shouldn’t miss the scholarship.

Dalian University CSC Scholarship 2023

As the Dalian University of Technology runs the Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program 2022. The university is a prominent institution, managed by the Chinese education ministry. Although, the DUT wants to create specialized stars through science and technology. For, the institute respect tradition and innovation. As professional administration and a suitable academic atmosphere make DUT a well-respected university. It’s a world-class, research-driven institution making advancements in many subjects. Now, the DUT has trained thousands of people who can attest to its greatness.

Dalian CSC Scholarship 2023 Details

China hosts

Dalian Tech University

Master’s degree

Ph.D. Program China master’s scholarships (3 years)

China PhDs (4 years)

Master’s degree students will get 3,000 CNY per month from Dalian University CSC Scholarship China 2022.

Doctoral students earn 3,500 CNY/month.

All students are tuition-free.

We’ll supply lodging.

International students offered comprehensive health insurance.

Dalian CSC Scholarship 2023 Eligibility Criteria:

Non-Chinese candidates only.

International candidates can apply.

Degrees have language requirements.

Chinese-taught programs will need HSK. Science, technology, finance, and management require HSK 4 180. Humanities, philosophy, and social sciences require HSK 5 180.

Dalian University CSC Scholarship in China 2023 Procedure

IELTS must 5.5 or higher and TOEFL 80 or above for English courses.

Applicants from English-speaking nations don’t need an English proficiency certificate.

Bachelor’s degree holders under 35 should apply for master’s degrees.

Doctoral applicants must have a master’s or under 40.

How to acquire a fully-funded international scholarship

Dalian University CSC Scholarship 2023 Application Instructions

Online applications required.

Candidates must print the completed application.

Candidates must know DUT’s agency number (10141) and specialty while applying.

A Candidates should choose a language course.

Complete all needed fields.

Candidates must submit online application, relevant papers, and DUT acceptance letter. [email protected]

Professor acceptance letter.

DUT Chinese Government Scholarship 2022 documents:

Diploma. (Translate if not in Chinese or English).


Chinese or English research strategy. 800 words max.

Supervisors’ acceptance letter.

Recommendation letters.

Form of report of physical exam.

Passport copy.

IELTS, HSK, etc.

Non-criminal certificate.

3cm*4cm photo.

Dalian University CSC Scholarship in China 2023 Last Date

Dalian University CSC scholarship application date is February 20, 2023.


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