Canada Offers Pakistani Students 2023 Scholarships

Canada Offers Pakistani Students 2023 Scholarships for graduate and undergraduate programs. As Canada is a student-friendly country because it gives Top scholarship programs in Canada for Pakistani students in 2023. For talented students to make their study path easier.

For, these scholarships require an English language competency certificate for Canadian university admission. So, students pay for test preparation first, then take it. Further, IELTS costs 30,000 PKR.

Canada Offers Pakistani Students 2023 Scholarships

Furthermore, Canadian universities charge international students an application fee. So, the average application price for Canadian universities is 20,000 to 30,000 PKR. Canada Offers Pakistani Students 2023 ScholarshipsTo gain admission, students should apply to multiple universities.

Also, traveling abroad requires identity and travel documentation. Even so, Normal passports cost 5,400 PKR.

Student visas cost CAD$150.

You’ll need pocket money to fund your overseas trip. Students need cash or credit for this.

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Costs post-departure

Once you arrive, you’ll confront real costs. Afterward, you need the basics for a healthy life wherever you go. In Canada, you must manage the following. So, all these things’ living costs are also calculated:

Canada student housing as Canada Offers Pakistani Students 2023 Scholarships

Without housing, life loses purpose. Therefore, there are several accommodations. So, Accommodation costs between $250 and $750 per night.

Apart from this, Students in Canada must have a residency permit. Besides, Students pay a cost before coming in Canada and an annual renewal fee until they graduate.

So, to complete an undergraduate degree in Canada, you must stay 3 to 4 years. For a postgraduate degree, you must stay in Canada for 1 to 2 years. For a research degree, you must stay for 3 years.

Canadian Universities That Offer Scholarships

Humber International Scholarships

Major International Scholarship (IMES)

McMaster Entrance Scholarships

Canadian Trent University Scholarships

How Pakistani Students Get Canadian Visas

Importantly, Pakistani students need a visa to study in Canada. So, without a visa, students cannot enter or study abroad.

Which visa is needed to study?

How many Pakistani students get a Canadian visa?

What are the Canadian visa requirements?

How long do Pakistani student visa applications take?

How much is a Pakistani student’s Canadian visa?

Students usually ask these questions. This article explains everything.

Canadian student visa as Canada Offers Pakistani Students 2023 Scholarships

First of all, Students should know there are no student visas particular to the U.S. Students require a visa or authorization to study in Canada.

Pakistani student visa application for Canada 2023

Secondly, after receiving an acceptance letter from a Canadian university, apply for a student visa. Clearly, this is a student visa/permit.

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Step1 for Pakistani Students 2023 Scholarships which Canada Offers

Get an acceptance letter from a reputable school. For this, Quebec university applicants have a distinct process.


After that, get a Canadian student visa bundle. For this, Contact the local embassy and consulate. Also, check CIC’s website.


To select a CIC application package, applicants must answer the required questions.


So, you’ll get a customized checklist code if you’re eligible. After, a 60-day checklist. Whereas, printing the code page for proof or reference.


Afterward, when you’re ready to apply, create MYCIC on CIC’s website.


Whereas, after submitting your application and papers, pay the cost. Ensure a thorough CIC application.

Step7 for Canada Offers Pakistani Students 2023 Scholarships

Apart from this, applicants may be interviewed at their local visa office or embassy.

Pakistani student visa 2023 Required documents

Firstly, students submit their visa applications.

Secondly, an original acceptance letter is necessary.

Thirdly, application submission requires valid travel papers.

After that, two passport-size photos with names and birthdates.

Also, requires an explanation letter.

Particularly, applicants to Quebec must present documentation in English and French.

Along with, IELTS, TOEFL, or CEA language certificate is necessary.

Afterward, submit a visa fee receipt.

Student visa application duration:

Particularly, the Canadian student permit takes 4-6 weeks to process.

Pakistani students’ Canada visa fee:

Student visas cost 150 CAD.

Canada’s Accommodations for Pakistani Students 2023 Scholarships

Undoubtedly, studying abroad is a big decision. For this, you’ll modify your mindset, lifestyle, and behaviors. So, every change may be straightforward, but a change in your lifestyle may be upsetting.

So, this section will introduce pupils to Canadian life.

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Canada’s on-campus housing

Indeed, Canada’s universities and colleges offer overseas students on-campus housing. Because on-campus housing is safest and best for overseas students.

After all, Private or shared rooms are typical. So, On-campus accommodation is cheaper and has several perks, including interaction with international students. As well as, participation in activities, programs, and good meal and cooking facilities.

Accommodations off-campus

Furthermore, students who prefer living off-campus have many options. Undoubtedly, On-campus housing is best. Meanwhile, some colleges and universities don’t offer accommodations.

Therefore some students don’t have the chance. So, students must live off-campus.

Here, are off-campus housing options:

Condos as Canada Offers Pakistani Students 2023 Scholarships

First of all, students can rent apartments. However, Canada favors flat systems. So, apartments of many sorts, you decide.

Furthermore, apartments provide baths, kitchens, and other basics. So, the apartment’s price will reflect its amenities.

Co-living for Canadian Students

In addition, most off-campus students choose to share an apartment. So, find international students who wish to share an apartment and costs. So, you can plan cheap lodging.

Homestay for Pakistani Students 

Alternatively, a love-filled Canadian family. They host outsiders. So, living with them requires high character.

Additionally, they provide foreigners, especially international students, many basic amenities for a healthy lifestyle.


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