The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BS Nursing) Admissions 2023 have been publicly disclosed by the universities and institutions of Pakistan. Applicants who meet the requirements to be admitted to the university. They are able to get entry into the institution of their choice. A bachelor of science in nursing is a four-year degree. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Generic) program is now accepting students in universities and colleges. to check the application deadline for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Generic course at top universities and medical schools. Bachelor of Science in Nursing Entrance Requirements for Universities and Colleges The admissions list is sorted by the deadline. top University admissions are available for BS Nursing Admission 2023.

BS Nursing Admissions for the Year 2023

The registration form is available for download on the PNC’s official website at as well as on this page. Interested applicants can be either male or female. Fill out the form completely, attach any required document that may be required for registration, and then send it to the PNC either using a courier service or by hand.

Application for Membership in PNC

PNC has improved the reliability of its Registration System by implementing several new features. PNC’s ability to regulate the nursing, midwifery, and LHV industries in Pakistan will be bolstered by this system. The global health sector, particularly the nursing, LHV, and Midwifery fields, will benefit from the information gathered through this system, as it will aid in human resource planning and expansion.

Criteria for BS Nursing in Pakistan

Pre-registering as a candidate in the PNC-MIS online system is necessary for all apprentices seeking entry into advanced nursing degrees. The Pakistan Nursing Council’s goals include ensuring the implementation of national standards for Health Visitor, Nursing, and Midwifery education and practice through the provision of infrastructure/Registration and the organization of ongoing educational opportunities for its registered members. A registration form is available for download from both our site and the official site of the Pakistan Nursing Council for any qualified male or female candidate.

BS Nursing Admission 2023 Apply Online

BS Nursing Admission 2023

BS Nursing Admission 2023 Universities

There are many BS Nursing universities in Pakistan that offer admission to students every year. The following is a list of some of the most popular BS Nursing universities in Pakistan.

  • Fatima Jinnah Women’s University
  • Allama Iqbal Open University
  • Nishtar Medical College
  • Karachi Medical and Dental College
  • Punjab University Lahore
  • King Edward Medical University Lahore College for Women’s University
  • Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University
  • Sindh Madressatul Islam UniversityQuaid-e-Azzam University
  • Women’s Christian Hospital, Multan
  • Wali Bhai Rajputana Hospital, Hyderabad
  • Unique School Of Nursing, Karachi
  • The Children’s Hospital & the Institute of Child Health, Lahore
  • St. Teresa’s Hospital, Mir Pur Khas
  • St. Rafael’s Hospital, Faisalabad
  • Karachi St. James Hospital
  • Hyderabad St. Elizbeth Hospital
  • Khair Pur SON Sachal Sarmast
  • Karachi SON Patel Hospital
  • Karachi SON Life Saving
  • Som & Medical Technology, Quetta
  • Sobhraj Mat. Home KMC, Karachi
  • SIUT, Karachi
  • Sir Cj Hyderabad, Hyderabad
  • Sheikh Zayed Medical College/Hospital, Rahim Yar Khan
  • Sheikh Zayed Federal Postgraduate Medical Institute / Hospital, Lahore
  • Services Hospital, Lahore
  • School Of Nursing, Loralai
  • School Of Midwifery, Khuzdar
  • Rufaida Hamdard University Hospital, Karachi
  • Rawalpindi General Hospital, Rawalpindi Rafiq Anwar Memorial Hospital, Gujranwala
  • R.B.U.T., Shikar Pur
  • Punjab Medical College / Allied Hospital, Faisalabad
  • Public Health Schools
    Turbat Public Health School
  • Quetta Public Health School
  • Karachi Public Health School
  • Hyderabad Public Health School
  • Faisalabad Public Health School
  • Lahore Public Health Nursing School
  • Postgraduate Medical Institute/Lahore General Hospital, Lahore
  • PHNS Hospital, Bahawal Pur
  • People Medical College Hospital, Karachi
  • P.N. Shifa, Karachi
  • Nishtar Medical College / Nishter Hospital, Multan
  • New Life School Of Nursing, Karachi
  • Nawab Shah Medical College for Women, Nawab Shah
  • Karachi National Medical Centre
  • Karachi National Institute Of Child Health
  • Faisalabad National Hospital
  • Nancy Fulwood Hospital, Sahiwal
  • Murshid Hospital, Karachi
  • Mian Muhammad Trust Hospital, Faisalabad
  • Medicare Hospital, Karachi
  • Liaquat University Of Medical and Health Sciences, Hyderabad
  • Liaquat National Hospital, Karachi

Eligibility BS Nursing Admission 2023

Nursing:  (Nurse Midwifery)

  • One Year Diploma Program
  • Male instead of the midwifery track in the fourth year of the nursing program
  • Must be a Registered Nurse to Apply (RN)

LHV program

The LHV program employs female medical professionals to provide preventive (02 years Diploma Program)


  • A minimum of 45% on the FSC (Pre-Medical) examination (Physics, Chemistry & Biology as compulsory subjects) a. Science-focused Matriculation with a minimum of 45% (Physics, Chemistry & Biology as compulsory subjects)
  • Age Restriction: 14–35

Community-Based Midwife (CMW) (18 months Diploma Program)

  • Between the ages of 14 and 40.

(FWW) Family Welfare Employees (02 years Diploma Program)

  • A minimum of 45% on the FSC (Pre-Medical) examination (Physics, Chemistry & Biology as compulsory subjects)
  • Matriculation (Science) with a minimum of 45% (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology required) –
  • Age Restriction: 14–35

Certified Nurse Aides (CNAs)

CNAs are the fifth most common occupation in the healthcare industry (02 years Diploma Program) Please take note that this training is intended only for women.

  • Minimum of 45% required for a First-Semester Science Degree (Pre-Medical) (Physics, Chemistry & Biology as compulsory subjects) a. Science-related Matriculation with a minimum of 45% (Physics, Chemistry & Biology as compulsory subjects)
  • Matric with an Arts Component and a 50% Average or FA with a 50% Average –
  • Age Restriction: 14–35


Generic Basic Surgical Needs (04 years Degree Program)

  • A minimum of a Matriculation in Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology as compulsory subjects) 1. Pre-FSC
  • A minimum of a 50% average in a relevant field (medical) (Physics, Chemistry & Biology as compulsory subjects)
  • Age Restriction: 14–35
  • Balanced gender representation based on objective criteria
  • BSN for RNs and BSM for RNs (02 years Degree Program)
  • In accordance with HEC Notification No.8 (61)/A&A/2018/HEC/5998 dated 06.04.2018,
  • Matric with Science (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics as obligatory courses) OR
  • Matric Arts.

Diploma in Nursing Midwifery Degree

Any Post Basic Specialty for male in lieu of midwifery

  • A year’s worth of experience as a registered nurse
  • Matriculation (Matric) with Science (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are required)
  • Matriculation (Matriculation) with Arts (as per HEC)
  • This is Notification No. 8 (61)/A&A/2018/HEC/5998, dated April 6, 2018.
  • Nursing Degree (B.S.N.)
  • Qualifications: c. Midwifery Degree (any Post Basic Specialty for male in lieu of midwifery)
  • One Year of Nursing Experience

How to Apply for Nursing Admission

  • Check see the Institute’s main webpage.
  • Create an account and sign up for it.
  • Enter your login details.
  • You should then go to step 4, which is to apply online.
  • Just fill out the blanks with the pertinent information.
  • Please hit the “submit” button.
  • Make a challan payment.
  • Following that, if you meet the requirements, you will be admitted.

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