Balochistan Special Support Scholarship Program 2023 Deadline

Under the Balochistan government’s Special Support Program, the District Committee of Jaffarabad has announced financial aid for worthy students. Balochistan’s provincial government has allocated PKR 1,250,000/- to Jaffarabad district administration to be used for charitable purposes including providing scholarships, covering medical costs for the underprivileged, and helping widows out of poverty. The district committee will allocate the funds for the aforementioned reasons. Balochistan Special Support Scholarship Program 2023 Deadline is here.

The application deadline is 2023, and it must be sent to the office of the deputy commissioner. Students currently enrolled at an accredited college or university who demonstrate financial need in the form of unmet tuition and housing costs are encouraged to apply. Scholarships are not available to the offspring of federal or provincial government workers.

Balochistan Special Support Scholarship Program 2023

Students from low-income families and those without parents will be prioritized. To apply as an orphan, you must provide a copy of the NADRA death certificate. You can submit your application using the format that was provided. Balochistan Special Support Scholarship Program 2023 DeadlineBoth the institute’s director and the district education official must sign and date the application.

The application form must be accompanied by two passport-sized pictures and copies of the applicant’s National Identity Card, local certificate, educational certificates, and any other relevant documentation. The deputy commissioner’s office is where you may pick up an application.

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Special Support Program Scholarship 2023 by Balochistan

The Balochistan Special Support Program 2023 deadline is here. Under the auspices of the Special Support Program of the Government of Balochistan, the District Committee of the Jaffarabad District. Now, made the following scholarship opportunities available. As the provincial government of Balochistan dispersed a sum of money equaling PKR 1,250,000/- to the district of Jaffarabad. Now, this money will used to provide financial assistance to widows, as well as pay for scholarships and medical costs for the poor and needy. However, the district committee is responsible for allocating the funds in accordance with the aforementioned goals.

Special Support Program Scholarship Deadline

Here, the deadline for submitting applications to the deputy commissioner’s office is mentioned on the official advertisement, 2023 at the very latest. So, students who already enrolled in an accredited college or university are in financial need but are unable to pay for their education-related costs. Such as tuition and room and board, are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Moreover, children who are dependents of federal or provincial government employees are ineligible for academic scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria for Students for SSPS

As scholarships made Available through the Balochistan Special Support Program Bachelor’s, MS/MPhil, and Master’s degrees are all available.


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Local Category, and Need-Based 

Requirements & Procedure for SSPS 2023

  1. The application may be filed using the format that has been given. Both the district education officer and the institute’s director must certify the application.
  2. A copy of the applicant’s national identification card, local certificate, academic transcripts, and two passport-sized photos must be included with the application.
  3. The children of Government employees of Provincial, Federal and Local Governments will not be eligible to submit applications under the above program.
  4. The NADRA-issued death certificate must be submitted with the application for orphan pupils.
  5. The application form may be obtained from the deputy commissioner’s office.
  6. However, Orphans and pupils from low-income families will give priority. So, students who are orphans are obliged to include a copy of the death certificate. That was issued by NADRA with their application. Furthermore, the application may file in accordance with the format established. Although, the application has to have the signatures of the director of the educational facility as well as the education officer for the district.
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Balochistan Special Support Scholarship Program 2023 Advertisement

Besides this, the application form accompanied by two pictures that are passport size, and a copy of the applicant’s local certificate. As well as, a copy of any educational certificates, and a copy of their national identification card. Also, you can pick up a copy of the application from the office of the deputy commissioner.


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