Visit, and this page in particular, if you’d want to learn how to get the ASF Roll No Slip 2023. To get your hands on the 2023 Airport Security Force ASF Roll No Slips manual, click here. Download the ASF Roll No Slip 2023 for the Corporal and ASI written and physical exams. Candidate for ASF Recruitment-2023 who was not selected has been posted. ASF Roll Number Slip 2023 Download Here.

The online application form is downloadable when an ASF test slip has been purchased. Check your ASF exam results by entering your CNIC or roll number below. Candidates may access their Name and CNIC Roll Number Slip downloads directly through the official website. The ASF Physical/Medical Release Forms for the Recruitment Year of 2022 have been posted. Below are detailed instructions on how to access the ASF Jobs Portal and obtain the required physical and medical forms.

ASF Roll Number Slip 2023 Download Here

Protecting the airports, infrastructure, and aircraft in Pakistan falls ASF Roll Number Slip 2023under the purview of the Aviation Division, which is home to the Pakistan Airports Security Force (on-ground or in-air). Here you may find the ASF Roll No Slip 2023 for the following positions: Assistant Director, Assistant Sub Inspectors ASI, Corporal, Driver, Assistant, Steno Typist, Draft Man, Upper Division Clerk UDC, Lower Division Clerk LDC, Medical Attendant, Dispenser/Dresser, Cook, and Sweeper.

Apply for jobs with the Airport Security Force online at if you’re interested in becoming a member of the ASF in 2023. The application form is available online at the official site.

ASF Roll Number Slip 2023 

When applicants have passed the ASF medical and physical examinations and are ready to take the written exam, they will get a Roll Number Slip. Candidates in Sindh, Balochistan, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gilgit, Skardu, Lahore, Multan, and Sialkot, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Chitral, and D.I.Khan may now get their Test Roll No slips for the written portion of the exam on the ASF website.

ASF Online Registration Form 2023

To apply for ASF, go visit and provide the required information, such as the CNIC or Roll Number. Use the search bar by clicking on it. On your slip, we’ll list the test date, test hour, and testing location in detail.

ASF Physical Test Roll No Slip 2023

The imprint of your roll will not move if you so want. To receive a hard copy of the Roll No Slip, go to the file’s print menu and press.
If the contestants can’t find your roll number on the list. If this is the case, you should see if your name appears on the list of rejected applicants. It’s possible that you don’t qualify to take the Test.

How to Download ASF Roll No Slip 2023 for Corporal and ASI

ASF Roll Number Slip 2023 for Written Test – The Airport Security Force issued the ASF Roll No. 2023 Slip. Which is available on this website. So, download ASF Written Test Roll Number Slip. As ASF just revealed job opportunities and applicant numbers. Soon, they’ll take the admission exam, forms are here.

Roll Number Slip 2023 Written Test

Here, download ASF Written Test Roll Number Form. Here are the ASF exam forms. Further, ASF Roll Number Slip for 2023 is complete. However, the department mails the roll slip to applicants’ provided addresses. As all applicants must take the exam before being interviewed, however, the slip is not needed to utilize the test roll. So, the applicant must download the CNIC using his or her name and registration slip from

ASF Written Exam  –

For, FPSC Assistant Director ASI Driver, Corporal, Stenographer, Draper, Upper Clerk UDC Lower Clerk LDC Medical Staff, Dispenser/Dresser, and Sweeper. Here are, lists of chefs and dispensers.

Although, candidates who don’t receive the roll or address slip can get their ASF Roll No Slip 2023 from this link. Roll Number Slip 2023

Now, download the ASF Roll Number Form here. As ASF provides physical and written exam forms. For, ASF Roll no slip 2023. Further, download the ASF written and physical test on 2023. Here’s 2023’s Written/Physical Test Slip and Medical Test Slip. So, download ASF Roll No Slip 2023. Particularly, downloading the ASF Roll No. requires the applicant’s name and CNIC.

Join ASF

Now, Visit and input your CNIC or Roll Number. 2023 Slip

Here, download ASF Roll Number Slip 2023 for Corporal & the ASI exam slips. Now, download the ASF exam slips online. For, downloading ASF 20223Corporal and ASI Roll No Slip * Please input your CNIC at has the 2023 Roll Number Slip.

ASF test application

For, ASF tests applicants from Sindh, Balochistan, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gilgit, and Skardu enter your CNIC.

Corporal ASF

Here, download ASF Corporal Written Exam Roll Number Slip. As it’s ASF-based. Now, ASF soon. Here, download company roll numbers. As 100,000 people applied for ASF ASI Civilian, Corporal, and ASI posts in 2023.

ASF Roll Number Slip 2023 Download Here

Download Here 2023 Slip


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