MDCAT 2024 Preparation & Past Papers [Everything Need To Know]

Are you a Matric or F.Sc pre-medical student interested in learning more about MDCAT? I’m sure you want to be a doctor because you’ve come this far. However, the dilemma you might be experiencing right now is that no one is telling you anything about being ‘pre-occupied’ in the present era. Doctoring is regarded as a noble occupation all over the world. This is a career that is respected by all. Pre-medical students aspire to be accepted into medical schools. Here’s what you need to know about the MDCAT 2024 Preparation. No worries. We’re here to the rescue.

MDCAT Preparation 2024

According to the latest update, the PMC MDCAT will be an online, Computer-based test. For Best preparation must practice the mdcat past papers, the practice of previous papers will give you a clear vision of the paper pattern.

“MDCAT (Medical & Dental College Admission Test) is an entrance exam administered by PMC for admission to government and private medical colleges in Pakistan, including MBBS, BDS. It’s a structured, multiple-choice test that assesses the examiner’s problem-solving, critical thinking, the writing, and science concepts and the awareness of the principles.”

Every Pre-Medical Student aspires to be a physician. Do you wish to be a great doctor?

MDCAT is the first step in medical school entry, so the answer is obviously yes. To get into MBBS, you’ll need a fantastic study plan.

MDCAT 2024 Preparation & Past Papers [Everything Need To Know]

MDCAT 2024 Preparation & Past Papers [Everything Need To Know]

Eligibility Criteria for MDCAT

Do you consider yourself to be one of 130,000 applicants who appear for the test from across the country? There are only 3405 seats for admissions solely based on previous academic records (locally known as open merit format) in public medical colleges and 216 seats for admissions solely based on previous academic records (locally known as open merit format) in public dental colleges in Punjab.

Furthermore, some seats are set aside for international and dual nationals. There are also 76 seats reserved for Pakistanis living abroad. The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) has agreed to change the eligibility requirements for MBBS entry by 60%.

  •   The nominee must have a minimum of 70% in intermediate.
  •   Candidates must score at least 60% on the MDCAT.

In addition, MDCAT will not have a pass-fail criterion. 15 medical and dental colleges were registered during the PMC era. The meeting was told that instead of a 70% condition for admission to medical school, a 60% mark eligibility criterion would be retained. In addition, PMC has eliminated the criterion of achieving a passing score of 50% on the exam. While addressing the issues surrounding MDCAT 2020, it was mentioned that starting next year, MDCAT 2024, the exam would be administered as an online computer-based exam rather than a paper-based exam.

MDCAT Paper Pattern

Take a look at the MDCAT MCQ distribution. For Practice, MDCAT MCQs visit Gotest

Not only for teachers but also for their families, this evaluation is critical and life-changing. Students must persevere in their efforts. They must demonstrate their commitment to their future by excelling in this exam. The NMDCAT test has 200 multiple-choice questions and is divided into four parts.

  • 80 Biology MCQs
  • 60 Chemistry MCQs
  • 40 Physics MCQs and
  • 20 English MCQs

Is it 200? Yes, indeed! You may be wondering why the HEC ETC Entry Test only has 120 questions while the NTS Entry Test has 150.

MDCAT Physics Syllabus

Dear, students! The physics MCQs in the paper are both basic and complex. There are 40 multiple-choice questions in total. Around 36 Mcqs are simple and can be classified as book lines. The remaining 8 MCQs, however, are not from the text. These MCQs are often well-known and philosophical, not overly difficult but nevertheless fascinating. You must also pay attention to those 4 MCQs if you do not want to lose 50 points, which will determine your merit. Check The PMC MDCAT Merit List 2024.

These MCQs contain diagrams, equations, and other components, but they are not especially difficult. However, you must have been through them before.

MDCAT Chemistry Syllabus

In chemistry, there are a total of 58 multiple-choice questions. According to the revised syllabus, about 60 mcqs in 2012-2013 are fairly lenient (no diagrams), but the remaining MCQs may include diagrams, and the most relevant diagrammed questions come from AMINO ACIDS and MACROMOLECULES. Furthermore, you should have a full understanding of organic chemistry. Since the first 30 questions are mainly about organic chemistry. Organic chemistry can be taught with the aid of a good teacher. If you think first-year chemistry is tough, don’t devote all of your study time to it. As a result, strive to strike a balance. That concludes our discussion.

 MDCAT Biology Syllabus

In the biology article, there are 80 multiple-choice questions. Except for a handful, ALL OF THESE MCQS ARE FROM THE LINES OF THE TEXTBOOK (3 or 4). As a result, you must prepare it from a book. I’m not implying that you should CRAM the book row. You should approach all aspects of biology as if they were a novel, although a scientific one. Instead of cramming the same words from the same text, strive to understand all that is written in the book. You also don’t need to know any main books or notes to grasp concepts.

As a consequence, you must use your textbook as a guide. Learn all you can from it, because there isn’t a single word on the MDCAT that isn’t in your book. So, please take it seriously. That’s what there is to it.

MDCAT English Syllabus

Now comes the awkward English question (embarrassing for most of the students..). The exam consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. These multiple-choice questions are crucial in determining merit.

There are two types of questions.

  • Vocabs
  • Corrections

As a result, you must concentrate on these two areas, with Mdcat vocabulary being the more relevant of the two. There isn’t a single issue in the English paper that doesn’t use Vocabulary “Essential Word Power”). As a result, you must be well-versed in these 872 vocabulary terms.

Importance of Past Papers

  1. It Reduces Anxiety: Lesser the anxiety the more you practice
  2. Revision Plan: The key is to develop a routine and make it repeatable for all subjects.
  3. Advantages: What makes your solution better? How are you special from others?
  4. Variation of Topics: These past papers have variations in topics. According to the syllabus.
  5. Focus on common Exam Themes: Going through past papers enables you to understand some of the themes that may be covered in an exam.
  6. Difficulty Level: By practicing these papers you can advance your level from beginners to difficult.
  7. Repeated Questions: You will realize many questions are repeated each year with few amendments.
  8. Time Management: This is a common problem. You can overcome it by practicing only to prepare yourself for final exam day.

Lastly, holding yourself motivated takes confidence and trust. To achieve your aims, remain faithful and seek Almighty’s assistance. Additionally, strive to surround yourself with people who have a good outlook toward you and are willing to encourage you.

All medical notes and study stuff can be downloaded from the MDCAT Guide free of cost.


Is one month enough time to prepare for MDCAT?

Students today believe that the MDCAT exam requires an enormous amount of time and a complicated timetable that must be adhered to, but it’s simply a misunderstanding in their heads.

How do I start preparing for MDCAT?

Get UHS Syllabus.

Get guidance from MDCAT preparatory institutions.

Learn through the lectures and tests.

Make sure you follow a routine for studying.

What are the passing marks for MDCAT?

MDCAT is a requirement to get admission into medical and dental schools in Pakistan. Provisional University will Conduct the examination. Passing marks for MBBS is 55%.

Do FSc marks affect MDCAT?

40% or 50% Weightage applies to FSc marks in the Merit Formula for selection in Medical College. FSC scores have a massive influence on the MDCAT Total.

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