Analytical Reasoning Preparation Online for NTS army paf navy police ppsc admission entry test job recruitment

Preparing for analytical reasoning is essential for individuals aspiring to join various organizations such as the Army, PAF, Navy, Police and other job recruitment processes. Analytical reasoning tests assess an individual’s ability to analyze and comprehend complex information, make logical deductions, and solve problems efficiently. To excel in these tests, it is important to practice online and access comprehensive preparation resources. By engaging in online analytical reasoning preparation, candidates can enhance their critical thinking skills, improve their decision-making abilities, and increase their chances of success in admission entry tests and job recruitment processes. Here, we are providing the online valuable practice materials and strategies to tackle analytical reasoning questions effectively, enabling candidates to perform at their best in competitive exams and secure their desired positions.

Analytical Reasoning Tests

Blood Relation

Maths Numerical

Speed and Work

Decimal Fraction


H.C.F. & L.C.M.

Number Of Series 1

Number Of Series 2

Profit Loss Numerical

Questions on Ages

Word Problems (Algebra)

Equations (Algebra)

Polynomials (Algebra)

Inequalities (Algebra)

Fractions & Decimals 1

Fractions & Decimals 2


Aptitude Test 1

Aptitude Test 2


Basic Arithmetic

Numerical Ability 1

Numerical Ability 2

Letter Series 1

Letter Series 2

Counting Probability

Quantitative Reasoning

Coding And Decoding

Basic Arithmetic Average

Basic Arithmetic Percentage

Ratio and Proportion

Square Roots & Cube Roots

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