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Login to AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal in 2023 at or Students at AIOU AAGHI LMS Portal 2023–24 can submit assignments online. There are several measures offered to make it simpler.  For information, training (on how to create a pdf file), and smartphone/PC with camera setup for online exams, the AAGHI LMS needed instructions, sample of undertaking (2 pages), and date sheet are supplied here. Please refer to the Aaghi Portal LMS Workshop login process.


Before the AIOU test, please learn how to scan documents and prepare a PDF copy of the answers by logging onto the AIOU Aaghi Portal. Three hours are allotted for online tests. No books or other resources. The test will be recorded using Microsoft Teams, per the rules. The most recent advertisement for AIOU teaching positions 2023 is now available for interested people, according to Allama Iqbal Open University.

AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal Update on 24 March 2023

For the PG, B.Ed, BS, and ADC programmes, the AIOU workshop calendar for the autumn semester of 2023 is available online. Students can access their timetables by logging onto the Aaghi LMS Portal. The LMS portal options were supplied by Allama Iqbal Open University. Online workshop and assignment submission schedules are available to students. Updated face-to-face login for Aaghi LMS. Students from other countries can log in using a Microsoft Account. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, create one for the LMS. To communicate with instructors and students at AIOU, students can download Microsoft Teams.

AIOU AAGHI LMS Portal Login 2023 Details 

Want to know all about AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal 2023? Find more about AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal 2023. Have questions about the AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal 2023? How to Submit an Assignment on the AIOU Aaghi Portal LMS in 2023? Workshops for AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal in 2023: How do I go? Relax, I’ve covered all you wanted to know about the Aaghi LMS Portal 2023 here. Let’s respond to their inquiries! Choose Here

Aaghi.Aiou.Edu.Pk Login Portal LMS 2023 

Login to the Aaghi Lms Portal for 2023 AIOU students You may access information about The Study Program Student Portal, your academic year, sessions, and tutors by logging into your student profile. The Allama Iqbal Open University Aaghi LMS portal presented a new, user-friendly official site for students on Monday. It includes a complete picture of their academic history as well as the essential biographical data.

Aaghi LMS Portal and Reset the Password

Students at AIOU must log in to the portal with their own login and password in order to access the Aaghi LMS. After logged in, they may access course materials and assignments, examine their timetables, turn in assignments, connect with teachers and other students, and monitor their progress.

AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal 2023

The AAGHI LMS Portal AIOU 2023 students using this page can submit their assignments online. Your LMS AAGHI Portal account was created by AIOU employees for online exams. For online exams, the AAGHI LMS offers a date sheet, a sample of endeavour (2 pages), and instructions.

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AIOU Login Aaghi LMS Portal Registered Allama Iqbal Open

Students at AIOU should take advantage of the Aaghi LMS since it gives them access to the materials and tools they need to excel in their studies. If you are an AIOU student having trouble using the Aaghi LMS, you should get in touch with the school for support.

Aaghi LMS Portal AIOU Login  

For a thorough examination of the AIOU LMS Portal, read the whole post. Updating of Profile in Spring 2023 up until the next semester. The Student Portal of Allama Iqbal Open University was designed with students in mind. Over time, AIOU changed its platform. The Aaghi LMS Portal is the primary resource that AIOU provides for teachers and students. Tutors and students may manage admission, learning, and other things via the AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal.

This page will assist AIOU 2023 LMS Portal students in submitting assignments online. It was simplified in several phases. Your LMS AAGHI Portal account was created by AIOU for online tests. Instructions for using the AAGHI LMS, an example assignment (2 pages), and a date sheet are all attached. You may also use a smartphone or computer equipped with a camera to take the online test.

AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal Online 2023 Login

Aaghi Teacher Portal at AIOU. The AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal is what. How does it work? Is it a requirement for students at AIOU? Don’t worry if the questions above have you stumped. Dispatch In fact, we have covered every detail of the AIOU Aaghi LMS site here. You will get all the answers to all the concerns that concern you after reading this essay. See Aaghi LMS on the left. Provide your login information.

Log in at is your user name. As the Aaghi LMS gateway password, enter the Challan number. Here, you may finish the login procedure. You may sign up for the system by utilising the registration option ( on the AIOU AAGHI LMS login page.password sent by AIOU through SMS.

Aaghi LMS Portal AIOU Students Manual 2023 Step by Step Procedure:  

Steps to access the Aaghi LMS interface include:


  • AIOU.EDU.PK/AAGHI LMS PORTAL (Face to Face) login language
  • Your registration’s username is “*protected email*.” – Use little letters, such as this: *protected email*.
  • Over your word processing document, enter the password. Like before, type “your roll No” in tiny print.
  • Use the Settings link in the upper right corner of the page after your initial login to modify your password.
  • Here you may get a login and password. Before the exam, you’ll get an email with setup instructions for your account, along with information on how to scan documents and create a PDF copy of your answers.
  • An online test takes three hours to complete. We don’t utilise any books or tools.
  • The instructions state that Microsoft Teams will be used for the exam (given in Urdu)
  • Contact one of the aiou tutors listed below if you need assistance.

https // login  

For information, please refer to the official website. Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal 2023 through Aaghi.Aiou.Edu.Pk for submitting assignments online username login password credentials, if you forget then easily retrieve it. Programs for distant learning are supported through the online Aaghi Learning Management System (LMS) of AIOU. Students may complete their academic goals by accessing course materials, homework, grades, and other resources through the Aaghi LMS.

Register Here

To access the Aaghi LMS, AIOU students must use their own login and password. Users may access course materials and assignments, submit assignments, communicate with instructors and other students, check course schedules, and monitor their progress after checking in. For study resources, AIOU students rely on the Aaghi LMS. Students at AIOU should get in touch with the school if they are encountering issues using the Aaghi LMS.

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Allama Iqbal Open University Aaghi Portal 2023 

Workshops, homework, exam dates, and more from AIOU For the convenience of the students, AIOU compiles all the information. The AIOU Students Profile login offers information about the semester, tutor, and other topics. The website contains further details. The company’s most notable project is AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal 2023. To view the workshop schedule, click here.

aiou cms login portal

Online access to the CMS Portal AIOU Outcome 2023-2023 by roll number and name. AIOU CMS LSM Portal. Login for AIOU 2023 CMS Portal. Students at the Allama Iqbal Open University can verify their results online for a variety of degrees, including the Matric, FA, BSN, BSC, BA, MA, BCOM, MCOM, MSC, and B.Ed. Cms portal output of aiou. Allama Iqbal Open Universities published the BA Spring 2023 CMS portal results on February 20, 2023.

AIOU LMS Portal Account

Here at the AIOU Aaghi Tutor Portal, welcome. The AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal is what. How does it function? Is it a requirement for students at AIOU? Don’t worry if you managed to answer the aforementioned questions. Dispatch This is so that you may read this page and learn everything there is to know about the AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal and get all your questions regarding it answered.

Aaghi LMS is seen on the left. Username and password must be entered. It’s for your user name. As the Aaghi LMS Portal password, provide the challan number. This is the whole method for logging into You can join the system by logging in using the ( sign-up option on the AIOU AAGHI LMS Login site using the username and password sent to you through SMS from AIOU.


Aaghi LMS Portal - AIOU 2023

Options in Aaghi LMS Portal AIOU 

Study up on AIOU Insider at Aaghi LMS Portal. I’ll outline the features of the Aaghi LMS Portal here. login, Aaghi LMS Portal Dashboard Student Profile. We have outlined the alternatives for male and female AIOU students on the Aaghi LMS Portal. The AIOU LMS Portal offers the aforementioned possibilities. Let’s set up an account on the Aaghi LMS Portal AIOU. These are guidelines for new students on how to create an account on the Aaghi LMS Portal AIOU.

  • Home
  • Announcements
  • Attendance
  • Assignments 1 through 4
  • Dashboard
  • Course Summary
  • Timeline Current Courses
  • Future Previous Events
  • My Online Courses (National & International)
  • User Guides for AAGHI Training
  • YouTube tutorials
  • Digital Library at HEC
  • Public Access E-Books
  • open access publications

AIOU Assignments Submission Schedule 2023 

Assignment Submission for Aaghi LMS Portal in 2023: How to get the AIOU Assignments Submission Schedule 2023 is covered in this post. To submit an assignment using the Allama Iqbal Open University Aaghi LMS Portal in 2023, adhere to the instructions listed below;

  • Register with LMS Aaghi Portal (Username and Password require)
  • Your assignment code may be found in my Courses.
  • Next, click Upload Assignment to add your PDF or document.
  • As proof, upload an SS.

aaghi lms portal workshop schedule 

The AIOU AAGHI LMS Portal Workshops Schedule for Reappear/Again Reappear/Leftover workshops was published by Allama Iqbal Open University. Students can participate in online seminars starting on December 26, 2023. Students will access the LMS through the AIOU Aaghi Portal to follow the workshops. You may find the complete 2023 AIOU Workshop Program on the AIOU website. To confirm your AIOU Workshops Schedule 2023 on LMS Aaghi Portal, follow these steps:

  • LMS Login Aaghi (Username and Password require)
  • Under My Workshops, choose Your Workshop Code.
  • Date and time of the AIOU Workshop. Use the link to sign up for the online workshop (Mentioned there)
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AIOU AAGHI LMS Portal Workshops Schedule 2023 

AAGHI AIOU LMS Portal Trainings Timetable for workshops that will recur, recur again, or be leftover. Online learning will be available to students in 2023. Controlled by AAGHI LMS Portal. For Pakistanis living abroad, BA/B.Ed/Col. MBA, Fall 2023: Notification date is below (OPS).  Online tests for the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees. All recorded lectures are required viewing for students. If you get all of the speakers wrong, your student’s attendance will be adjusted right away. The Allama Iqbal Open University will shortly reveal its prices.

AIOU Sign Up procedure 

For registration, go visit the AIOU website. This is the “Aaghi LMS Portal.” Click it to start creating your profile. Your phone will send you an SMS to confirm the code. Your Username and Password may occasionally be texted by Allama Iqbal University. Email the AIOU team or the regional Office if you haven’t got a Username and Password relating to SMS.

AIOU Contact Info:  

  • Address: Sector H-8, Allama Iqbal Open University, Ground Floor, Directorate of Students Advisory & Counseling Services, Islamabad, Pakistan 44000
  • Ph. (051) 111-112-468
  • The website

FAQs About LMS Aaghi Portal  

  • How to get to the AIOU AAGHI LMS Portal (Workshop Login)? 

You can register for the system by signing in using the sign-up option on the AIOU AAGHI LMS Login site                 ( using the username and password that AIOU supplied to you through SMS.

  • What Should You Know About the Aiou Aghi Portal Course? 

Choose the desired course by clicking “My Courses.”

  • How to Choose an AAGAHI LMS Course from AIOU The AIOU course catalogue is used? 

Click on the link for “Assignment.”

  • How to Hand in a Homework? 

The following page will appear. You may submit your work by clicking “Add Submissions.”

  • What should I do if I can’t find a file on my computer? 
  • The following screen will appear if you decide to open the file for viewing. As seen in the figure below, click the symbol that resembles a file.
  • How to upload a file to the AAGHI LMS Portal in 2023? 

A window will open when you select “Browse,” as seen in the picture below. To email your assignment file, choose “Browse” and then “Upload a File.” Microsoft Word or PDF must be used to submit assignments.

Professional scanners or mobile scanner applications may be used to scan handwritten documents, however the file size shouldn’t be larger than 5MB thus utilise the highest picture resolution possible.

  • How to Keep Your Work Safe? 

The page will then be updated to the new one and displayed. Following that, press the “Save Changes” button.

  • How to change the file submitted? 

You’ll be prompted to change the submission status. Up to the deadline, you may make as many modifications as you like. Aaghi aiou edu pk now login.


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