Admission Test Date Announced For MBBS and BDS 2023

Pre-med students take examinations annually after finishing their FSc requirements. Around three to four months following the FSc test, PMC administers the MDCAT. The 13th of November, 2023, will be the date of the MDCAT. An end date has been declared. The Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test (MDCAT) is required for enrollment at any medical or dental school in Pakistan. Admission Test Date Announced For MBBS and BDS 2023.

Tests will be given at universities all around the United States. All of the Candidates in the Province will be given the Same Test. There will be a paper-based exam.
Each University’s Organizing Committee Will Use the Same Question Bank. Uhs is the symphonic organ of Punjab. The exam in Sindh will be administered by the Dow University of Health Sciences.

Admission Test Date Announced For MBBS and BDS 2023

As a competitive test, MDCAT is used to choose future physicians in Pakistan. Admission Test Date Announced For MBBS and BDS 2023Approximately 200 thousand students from all across Pakistan take this exam. The examination attracts both first-time takers and many people who have tried and failed to pass it before in the hopes of gaining entry to medical school.

Get the National MDCAT Book, which is highly recommended by those who have already taken and passed the exam.

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Admission Test Date Announced For MBBS BDS 2023

Admission Test Date Announced For MBBS and BDS 2023. The admissions examination for MBBS and BDS institutions and colleges is on November 13, 2023. Perhaps, administered the admission examination to government and private medical and dentistry schools and universities. Further, the duration of the examination is 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS BDS 2023

However, Dow University of Health Sciences will administer the admissions Exam for the very first time. Meanwhile, the examination will begin at 11 am and conclude at 2:30 pm. However, applicants for MBBS and BDS must have FSC (Pre-Medical) or HSSC from a recognized institution.

National MDCAT Pattern 2023

  1. 68 MCQs from Biology
  2. 56 MCQs from Chemistry
  3. 56 MCQs from Physics
  4. 20 MCQs from English
  5. 10 MCQs from Logical Reasoning

Logical Reasoning MCQs In MDCAT

In addition to gauging a student’s capacity and intelligence, admissions exams ensure that the college/university selects talented and bright individuals. Each year, tens of thousands of students take the difficult medical school admissions examination.

Admission Test percentage For MBBS BDS 2023

However, only a small fraction of admitted candidates pass the admissions examination to medical schools. If you wish to succeed, you must therefore take this test seriously and prepare properly. So, all MBBS and BDS applicants must achieve a score of 55% and 45%, respectively, in order to pass the admission Exam news are here, so check it online.

locations for Admission Test Date Announced For MBBS and BDS 2023

First of all, Karachi’s NED University of Engineering and Technology (NEDUET) is located on University Road.

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Secondly, DOW University of Health Science Ojha Campus Cricket Ground.

Thirdly, Jamshoro Liaquat University of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Also, Bilawal Sports Complex, Nawabshah.

Finally, Khairpur Medical College Playground, Khairpur Mirs.

At last, The Govt. Naz Pilot Secondary School, Khairpur Mirs.

Admission Test Date Announced For MBBS and BDS 2023

So, the students must be aware of the syllabus and format of the admission test. Although, the majority of our students are from colleges and follow a traditional rote learning method. So, preparing for the Admission Test can be challenging for them. Therefore it is advised to consult with your teachers or fellow students to gather information regarding the syllabus and format of the admission test and prepare accordingly Best of Luck!


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