1500 Prize Bond List 2023 Draw Results Online Check

The result of Draw # 94 for the 1500 Rs Prize Bond List can be viewed here. On 2023, people living in Lahore cast their votes for the Rs. 1500 Lucky Draw No. 94 reward bond. The whole denomination list for Rs. 1500 prize bonds from the first draw to the most current draw is also available online at this website and on the official website. To follow along with the National Bank of Pakistan’s schedule, the winners of the 1500 prize bond can be viewed as of 2023.

Rs.1500/- 2023 Monday Lahore

The State Bank is in charge of the balloting for the 1500 Rs. Prize Bonds. The first prize winner of the Rs. 1500 prize bond will earn 3,000,000 PRK, and the second prize winners will each receive Rs. The third and final award of each Rs. 15,000 award Bond goes to one of 1696 winners.

1500 Prize Bond List 2023 Result

If you missed any of the draws for the Rs. 1500 prize bond, you can view the results for the most recent draw as well as all previous draws. The list of 2023’s 1,500 prize bonds can be seen on this page as well. The schedule for the 2023 Rs. 1500 prize bond and the first, second, and third winning numbers are all available online. You can enter this draw for a shot at winning one of nineteen Rs. 1,500 prize bonds. Don’t forget to check back here on 2023, for the big results announcement and other breaking news.

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Prize Bond RS. 1500/- 01 3,000,000 1st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 1500/- 03 1,000,000 2nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 1500/- 1696 18,500 3rd Prize

1500 Prize Bond List 2023 Draw Results Online Check

1500 Prize Bond List 2023 Draw Results Online Check

1500 prize bond list 2023 Lahore

It’s easy to see if you made the 1500 prize bond list if you live in Lahore. The list is available online through the National Savings website and participating banks. Furthermore, the outcomes are published across a number of internet platforms, making the data readily available to the public. The moment you discover whether or not your name appears on the list of winners is a thrilling one.

#94 Rs. 1,500 15 May 2023 Monday Lahore View Result

Rs 1500 prize bond list 2023 online check

Check the draw number of the Rs. 1500 prize bond results from Lahore on 2023. The official website has the Rs. 1500 prize bond’s complete denomination Qurandazi list. Search the 2023 prize bond 1500 draw results online. A National Savings spokesman said one winner will receive the Rs. 3,000,000 first prize and three winners will receive the Rs. 1,000,000 second prize. 1696 participants will receive Rs. 18,500 apiece as the Prize Bond 1500 third prize. Click here

Prize Bond 1500 Result Draw No. 94 On 15-05-2023 at Lahore

Pakistan’s Directorate of National Savings will announce the Rs. 1500 Prize Bond Draw #94 results in Lahore on 2023. 94th draw. www.savings.gov.pk displays the findings. 5:30 PM will reveal the winners. On 2023, 1500 Prize Bonds will reveal the draw details. Pakglob has the prize bond draw numbers and other information. Same-day draws outcomes. Download the 2023, Lahore 1500 prize bond result.

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 Rs 1500 Prize Bond List 2023 Draw 94 Result

The Rs.1500 prize bond draw #94 result is available online. 2023, saw the Lahore fortunate draw. The official website savings.gov.pk lists all Rs.1500 prize bond denominations from the first to the latest draw. The National Bank of Pakistan gives a schedule for examining 1500 prize bond list outcomes on 2023. State Bank ballots 1500 Rs. prize bonds. Three winners receive Rs.1,000,000 and one winner receives 3,000,000 PRK. 1696 1500 prize bond winners receive the Rs.18,500 third prize.

Rs 1500 prize bond list 2023 pdf download

Have you ever fantasized about keeping a piece of paper and winning a large sum of money? Many people in Pakistan are able to realize this goal thanks to prize bonds. The Rs 1500 reward bond is one example of these bonds that have become very popular with the general people. Here, you’ll learn about the Rs. 1500 prize bond list for 2023 and where to find a PDF copy of it.

1500 Prize Bond 2023 – Check Draw Results Online

Prize Bond Draw 94 results for Rs. 1500 are available right here for those who entered. If you think you might be one of the lucky winners of this prize bond draw, keep an eye on this page, as the list of winners will be rapidly updated. Prize Bond Draw 94 is now available, with a whopping Rs 1,500 up for grabs. Look at your scores right now!

1500 Prize Bond Result 2023 Announced on 15 May

1500 Prize Bond Result declared on 15 May 2023. Check your lucky draw list. Four-time prize bond list. The 2023 1500 prize bond 2nd draw. On November 15, 2022, Karachi hosted the 92nd 1500 prize bond draw. This draw result is also available. Quetta hosted 1500 Prize Bond Draw #93 on February 15, 2023. Check the draw 94 1500 prize bond result today at 10:00 AM. Check your 1500 Prize bond result today at saving.gov.pk. You can check your Draw/lucky number outcome on the official website by clicking the link. The 1500 prize bond awards one lucky draw number the first prize, three applicants the second prize, and 1696 applicants the third prize.

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